DSC06956_cropI think I have the answer to this equation. L-I-F-E is adding together all of one’s phases, multiplying that number by years on earth, and then doubling the sum each time a flashback from a particular phase releases a wave of serotonin. Caution though…save the daydreaming for after work or on weekends. Else, you might find yourself sitting across from the boss, going over the fundamentals of subtraction and division.

To avoid daydreaming at work (DAW) or mixing work with daydreaming (WWD) may I simply suggest, daydream outside of work. Because essentially, every random encounter, sight, sound, or song just might be an invitation to visit the past: a phase of life perhaps forgotten, or shelved, or unappreciated. In a 50 hour work week, that still leaves 118 hours to daydream [(24 x 7) – 50 = 118].

While Captain Chameleon would say that I spend close to 118 hours a week with my head in the clouds, I would argue that number. Sure, there are some weeks that I hit 118 but generally speaking I come down from the clouds whenever I’m navigating rush hour on the freeway, perusing the aisles at Trader Joes, or flossing my teeth….oh yes, and when I’m at mass (I try not to day dream at mass). DSC06931

So, to share a little bit about this month’s daydreaming adventures, I’m embarrassed to admit that after a 6 month leave of absence, I was summoned and selected for jury duty within a few days of returning to work. Not the best way to start off work on a strong leg, but while fulfilling my civic duty I came face to face with THE memory that is responsible for me deciding that when I grow up, I’m going to live near the ocean. Juror #5 casually mentioned he was from Tampa-St. Pete. Vavoom….I’m 12 years old and peering through the windshield from the back seat of the family Oldsmobile as we head into Tampa, Florida minutes before a down pour. Palm trees; huge beautiful palm trees are whipping to the mercy of a storm that’s blowing in from the Gulf. Rain drops hit our windshield, first a few, then a dozen, and then it doesn’t matter because the windshield wipers can’t keep up. Usually swayed by a family sentiment to take shelter in a storm, this time all I can think about is how exciting it is to be here on the coast of Florida….I can hardly wait to see the ocean if what I’m seeing, smelling, and feeling is a tropical storm.

Up for a second daydream adventure? Put your running shoes on and get ready to run across the old 7 mile bridge and back. Hair pulled back, it only takes a few minutes before sweat pours off the ends like a water faucet left on. It’s a sauna out here. But who cares when “home” is having the Gulf of Mexico on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other.

Feeling tired? No, just hot and sweaty.

Ready to stop? Forget it!

Marathon, Florida is where I became a runner and formed significant lifelong friendships. Running in good company, sporting a coveted 7 mile Bridge Run race T-shirt, it was and still is a runner’s paradise.

This fun daydream actually started because last week the AC was out at the gym Captain Chameleon and I go to. It was hot, smelly, and I just happened to be wearing one of my well-worn (well loved) 7 mile Bridge Run race T-shirts. What the heck, with a little music, I cranked up the treadmill and catapulted myself back to my Florida running days.

Does daydreaming really come that simple?  Yes, especially if I close my eyes and do the math.

DSC06942 (1)


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