Seamore Nautical Spirits is my story; present, past, and future. I’m writing it because…

I want to capture my moments with the Sea… 

To remember and smile about the people, places, and events that color my world beautiful

So that when I grow old and forget, someone will read the stories back to me, reminding me of who I am.

I like other people’s stories. By reading my stories, perhaps some will recall and share their own stories.



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5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Betheny, this is your BUNCO sub Elaine. Kathy told me about your blog and travels. It sounds fascinating and you should blog as a career or be an author like Nora Ephron. We had BUNCO last night but no money winnings for me! Have a great Thanksgiving and safe cruisin…..

      • Hello – My name is Brian Bohan the new owner. I found your blog today, you have wonderful story’s, pictures and, a great taste in music. I plan on sailing Seamore Pacific to San Diego this spring. I have a few question and hoping to get some advice can we talk some time?

        All the best!

        Brian 760-802-4648 bbohan@gmail.com

  2. Hope you, your captain and boat survived hurricane Odile without problems.
    We are in Port Townsend after completing our loop across the Pacific to Hawaii, back to Queen Charlotte Sound and then down through the Broughtons, Desolation Sound and the Gulf Islands.
    Leighton & Lynda
    SV Morning Star
    Port Townsend

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