Yes & No


“Yes, I’m really excited about sailing in this year’s Baja Ha Ha XX!”

In the meantime, it’s crunch time to get Seamore Pacific fully outfitted and ready to go.  In time to enjoy a shakedown cruise to Catalina Island.  Visiting Catalina became our ocean go-to place after moving to Phoenix from the Florida Keys.  From San Pedro to Avalon it was always an anticipated boat ride of, “one day we will make this crossing in our own sailboat.”  If all goes as planned, it should be in two weeks.

“No, I’m not ready to leave the marina.”

Shelter Island is beautiful, convenient, and a runner’s paradise.  Followed by Catalina, it was our second go-to place to get a boat/ocean fix.  We used to walk Point Loma for hours, lusting over boats and their gazillion year marina wait list. One could buy the boat but not have a slip to put it in.  No way, did we plan to find Seamore Pacific in Shelter Island AND discover that marina wait lists are a thing of the past; after Arizona’s economy tanked a few years ago, the Zonis sold their boats, freeing up slips.

Yes or no, it is all very good and there is much to look forward.

7 thoughts on “Yes & No

  1. This blog is better than any of the novels waiting on my bedside table to be read! Can’t wait to read more of your adventures, thoughts, experiences, Betheny!

  2. And so the journey begins…..! Can’t wait to see all the lines that will be blurred during the Baja ha ha! Don’t forget to “drop” us a line when the mood strikes! I’ll be combing the beaches of Puerto Penasco looking for your message in a bottle 🙂

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