Blurred Lines

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The evening’s routine includes taking Ruby to the grassy area outside the marina gates and going for a walk that would make any hound dog happy. A few months ago, during our walk, Robin Thicke’s song, Blurred Lines could be heard playing from the patio of the Bali Hai. The thumping music, racy lyrics, and whooping and hollering of a bride and her bridesmaids, elevated our subdued dog walk to another level. Looking obvious and out of place climbing over the hedge to join their party, we opted to stay put. Shadowing the lights of America’s Cup Harbor, Ruby and I enjoyed our own dance party. Not surprised by impromptu dancing, Ruby’s tail was gleefully wagging as she pranced in unison to my obvious enjoyment of the music.
After hearing Blurred Lines over and over, I came to realize that I have very little in common with it; except for the title. It’s a great title. If the naming of Seamore Pacific had not come from sentimental origins, I would have proposed to Capt. Chameleon naming her ‘Blurred Lines’.  The title captures some of the strangeness of being back on a boat. Transition lenses aside, today’s nautical endeavors are different from our earlier years. How is it different?  Squint between the blurred lines of Seamore Pacific’s cruising diary for the answer.

The size of the boat:     4130552_-1_20121031125021_0_0[2]

The broker listing stated Seamore Pacific was a 36 ft. sailboat. However, the surveyor insists she is 38 ft., bow to stern. Captain Chameleon, once a Hoosier, but challenged over the years with the wife’s Show-Me view of the world, took out a Stanley tape measure and confirmed Seamore Pacific is indeed a 36 ft. vessel- two feet shorter than the USCG vessel documentation reflects.  If the boat is 36 or 38 ft., does it really matter?

According to the Captain, it matters.  Every extra inch, foot, and yard gives him that much more space from the newest family member, Francis the wildcat.  In the Captain’s mind, he has served his time,  by once sharing a boat in Florida with two persnickety Siamese cats.  Capt. Chameleon has experience with blurred lines.  Saying, “I do” to a girl from Missouri, who is crazy for cats, will do it.

One head instead of two:     

Opting for a smaller boat means making do with one bathroom. Which, is perfectly fine for our leisure cruising. Years earlier, living on the hook in Boot Key Harbor, we worked multiple jobs and insisted on the luxury of two heads, and a separate shower.  Now, aging and romanticizing about our adventures on the high seas in a 36 (or 38) foot sailboat, and claiming to still have our youth, the lines blur yet again. This go around, the Capt. and crew will be sharing the boat with a toilet trained cat. 

Toilet training Francis

Toilet training Francis

Picture the blurred lines of Capt. Chameleon when he takes a bathroom break from the helm, to find Francis finishing up his bathroom business (and the Wall Street Journal).

Skipper-Chart Reader- Movie Star: 


Never, in a blurred line dream, did we plan to find Wilson. Yes, the one and only Wilson, and sole companion to Chuck Noland (Tom Hanks) during his 4 years of being stranded on a deserted island. Sadly, Wilson accidentally rolled off their makeshift raft (6 or 8 foot?) and drifted out to sea…

According to Wikipedia, Wilson was created for the movie Castaways; by screenwriter William Broyles, Jr. when he deliberately stranded himself on an isolated beach in the Sea of Cortez.  How appropriate that Wilson, a Sea of Cortez native will be a skipper on Seamore Pacific. With Wilson, overnight crossings and stretches at the helm will be less lonely and blurry eyed.

Question: What straightens blurred lines?
Answer: An impromptu dance party with Wilson.

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