Odyssey (noun): A long series of travels and adventures

-Encarta Dictionary 

Throwing on Captain Chameleon’s flannel quilted shirt, I unceremoniously rushed to the breezy rooftop deck to capture the last 2016 sunset; it was an impressive curtain call of dreamy blue, flamingo pink, Sunkist orange, and comfort gray. Occupied with mental restlessness since the sale of S/V Seamore Pacific three months ago, I’ve been on a quest to upright my upside – down identity. Seamore Nautical Spirits is having an awful case of sea sickness from being without a boat (an Ocean Kayak and stand up paddle board isn’t providing enough relief). Please hope the absurdity of chasing an ocean sunset, with an amateur digital camera, will in some nautical way offer me a bit of inspiration, a warm salty connection, or a friendly life line towards…our newly purchased 1998 RV .

The Captain offered a treasure of reassurance that the RV’s sea foam green carpet and granny style decorum are not age appropriate for a gal such as mwah, who freely admits she chases youth at every opportunity. He generously gave me the liberty to do some updating. My definition of updating our 38 foot road warrior was to let the essence of tropical delusion speak, borrow colors from a coastal landscape, and give her a fictitious island name – Seamore Cay.

dsc08829Seamore Cay tells her side of the story:

“I’m quite proud to announce that RV salesmen brag I look much younger that I am. I attribute that to sun protection. I lived in covered storage all my life, so naturally my sea foam green stripes are as smooth and luscious as the day I rolled off the assembly line. Most women are jealous at how well I’ve aged.  But beauty is skin deep and I’m very proud to let it be known that my cabinets are of hard wood, my carpet is without shoe prints, and my walls are burgundy. Burgundy and sea foam green are as timeless as 70’s Pop-Hits. Excuse me while I enjoy a memory …

 …Beautiful as the dream that makes you mine….baby, baby.  

Now, where was I with this blog post? Oh yes, it was how does an RV become an island? Well, I was enjoying the thistly cactus of landlocked Arizona when Captain and Tennille – I mean Captain Chameleon and his sea dizzy wife – came aboard. They yacked about a trip to Winslow, Arizona and following Route 66; visiting the Spanish missions in California, wineries along the coast of Oregon, and where ever destiny takes them as they search for their next boat. Oh yes, and the Florida Key’s came up a dozen times in the conversation. Let’s just say those two have a thing for sand, sea, and sun; hence, one reason I’m now gussied up and pretending to be an island.  

I’ll let ya in on a pirate’s secret: the Misses and I made a deal that I can keep the sea foam carpet, but she gets to add accessories in dreamy blue, flamingo pink, Sunkist orange, and comfort gray.  Throw in some palm trees and a hammock, I’d say we got us an island on wheels.”

Chasing sand, sea, stories, and sunsets,

Seamore Nautical Spirits & R/V Seamore Cay









9 thoughts on “Odd-O-Sea

  1. Here’s to a new year of new adventures! Cheers! (Listen closely for the clink of glasses kissing.) I know that Ohio is fairly inland, but we’d welcome the arrival of the Seamore Cay on our shoreline.

  2. John and I are so happy for you both – a home now on wheels. John says buy a Fiat 500 pop for a tow vehicle – and you may want to put a wood floor in if there is going to be sand involved! Enjoy!!

    • Great idea on both accounts. For now we have our beach cruisers in tow.
      There is a little bit of vinyl in the galley area but less carpet would be a good thing. Maybe we will someday be at the same campground…that would be a hoot.

  3. Wow, quite the transition! We are just finishing a winter sojourn in Sonoma and will be heading back to Morning Star I’ve the Easter weekend. Then it’s the Inside Passage up to Alaska. If your road trip finds you near us, please give us a shout out. We’d love to see you again.

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