Keeping My Heart on the Compass

On The Rocks

On The Rocks

Yesterday was one of those days when reality was bent on painting me a picture I didn’t much care for.   I wanted a canvas drenched in orange, red, blue, yellow, and green. Not some hapless, washed up piece of cardboard displaying every hue of gray, slate, and charcoal. In other words, one third of the crew has become homesick and lonesome. Hint: it isn’t Francis and it isn’t Captain Chameleon. It’s yours truly: the one who couldn’t wait to hang a “gone sailing” sign at her work desk; move all of the patio cushions to the garage, away from Arizona’s blazing sun; and hit the salty trail….the wave less traveled. Bah Hum Bug. What was I thinking?

I guess I was thinking I could escape reality? Perhaps skirt around and pretend that life ashore pales in color to living on a boat for 6 months? That blazing sunsets and a pod of dolphin swimming around the boat would somehow erase my internal wiring for being a creature that draws identity and strength from her community. Looming, without any indication of just simply going away, it was futile to look past reality’s artistic rendering. Before I could take aim and cover the gray mass with a bucket or two of “happy” colors, I had to understand what I was covering up.

Being homesick doesn’t feel good. In fact it feels awful. Seamore Pacific is spending a few days exploring the lovely town of Santa Rosalia, BCS and 1/3 of her crew is wallowing in gray. But in reality, might it actually be a good thing? Perhaps it is even life sustaining. It keeps me mindful of the place and places that await my return. I never want to lose my way from the relationships, routines, and surroundings that kindle my spirit. So being homesick, longing for aspects of my life as it is on shore is like the magnetic pull of a compass. When this year’s cruising season comes to a close, I’ll take out my compass to hit the salty trail and find my way home.

Until then, I shall mix a bit of reality with our cruising. Take care,

S/V Seamore Pacific

Just as I found them on the beach....Punta Chivato.

Just as I found them on the beach….Punta Chivato.



Francis checking out the shell and beach glass I picked up

Francis checking out the shell and beach glass I picked up

Dancing Crabs?

Dancing Crabs?


edited dophin




Isla Requison

Isla Requison



my garden... alfalfa sprouts

my garden… alfalfa sprouts


Seamore Pacific at Santa Rosalia Fonatur Marina

Seamore Pacific at Santa Rosalia Fonatur Marina



Excerpts from ship’s log (Bahia Concepcion to Santa Rosalia):

April 4th– Ready for a change of scenery, and peace and quiet from jet skis. Hauled up anchor and motored further down into Bahia Conception. Anticipating northerly afternoon winds in the teens, therefore chose the south anchorage of Isla Requeson to spend the night. The Captain used his stand up paddle board just before the afternoon wind arrived.

I was super happy to see another boat (Terry Lee ll) come in for the evening.

April 5th– Isla Requeson just isn’t cutting it…current too strong to swim in, water murky looking. Headed north to Punta Chivato. It was a beautiful day on the water.  Winter Hawk (flying the same Baja Ha Ha flag that we have) was at anchor when we arrived.


Seals 3

Dolphins 0

Whale Sharks 0

April 6th– Punta Chivato is lovely! Great vibe. Shore is lines with beautiful solar powered homes. A dirt air strip runs behind the homes. We took the dingy over to meet Winter Hawk and confirmed they too were in the Baja Ha Ha 2013 fleet, then onto the beach to explore and look at shells.   Greeted by Max, a wound up little black and white dog, not happy that we were on his turf. Exchanged some pleasantries with Max’s owner.

Winter Hawk departed and Jade arrived. I love when Seamore Pacific shares the anchorage with other boats.

April 7th– Eventually plan to head further south but being this close to Santa Rosalia, will take the opportunity to get produce and check the town out.


Seals 5

Dolphins 100 more or less of black dolphin swimming southeast…a pod/group stretching for over a half mile.

Whale Sharks 0

Whale 1. Two miles outside the harbor, we spotted activity in the 1:00 O’clock position, just a stone’s throw from the boat. Next thing, the torso surfaced at the 10:00 O’clock position just as I was putting out dock lines and fenders. What a rush!




We step off the dock to find a little black and white dog barking at us. I do a double take and hear, “Max….”   What do you know! It was the couple from Punta Chivato where we beached the dinghy. It is a small world. They keep a boat at the marina.

It’s a reunion! There is Terry Lee ll a few slips down.

April 8th– Meet the husband/wife crew of Kashmira. Lovely folks. They have a car and are generous to take us to refill our propane tank. It was a delightful excursion that started with a stop at a fish taco stand, the propane yard, and then cappuccino at Coffee Star. Wow, they have some awesome stories….having their boat shipped via a tanker from Austrailia, going through Hurricane Odile, the ins and outs of living aboard for 15 plus years.

April 9th– Provision, eat our way through town, ran along the malecon. Joined Kashmira, Terry Lee ll, and Sun Chaser for dinner at a spectacular Chinese restaurant up on the hill.

April 10th– Good bye to Kashmira and Terry Lee ll.

I am homesick but after doing laundry, boat chores, making spaghetti, and taking a walk with Captain Chameleon I feel better.





10 thoughts on “Keeping My Heart on the Compass

  1. Hi Betheny!

    I am reminded of you each day as I look out the kitchen and view the beautiful sea glass hanging on one of my plant baskets. You are missed as well and we look forward to your return. In the meantime, enjoy the adventure that probably only 2% of the population will ever experience. The rest of us enjoy your blog and the awesome pictures!

    Lee Ann and Brad

  2. I don’t like that feeling of being homesick, I can relate.
    Try to stay in the day. Who knows, you may never pass that way again. Wish I could of seen that pod of dolphin.
    Love the photographs.
    All love….

  3. Wherever I am, I am homesick. When I’m in New Orleans I miss my kity, Lucy and the beach in Rocky Point. When I’m in Rocky Point I miss my running trails. When I’m on my trails, I miss you. Right now, tucked in the Cloverdale Best Western, post race, I miss my own bed(s). As creatures who value our home yet still crave adventure, homesick comes with the territory. I agree, it doesn’t feel good. But what is an adventurous soul to do? We are lucky to have different parts of our lives that pull at our heart strings. Perhaps the homesickness is just a reminder.

  4. Love the pics–especially Francis. Kiki would never make it. She just spent. 3 days hiding from our company’s SHitzu. They left for Wisconsin this a.m.. Looking forward to your return. Leroy and Jean

  5. Yes home sick is a sickness that you can’t buy medicine for. Remindes me of three years in Germany and two babies and could not come home. Looking back I wish I had enjoyed the country and culture much more. It is alright to be home sick and you will have many memories to think about and cherish in the years to come with the Captain. Homesick to see you again. Mom

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