Life Preserver


I can’t see it, but I know the finish line is just up ahead.  By all accounts, the last marker that I passed said I had one more to go.  Even though the finish line is still out of my view, I know it’s coming up very soon and no matter what happens now…I’m there!  I’m almost “home”.  All I need to do if I doubt how close I am, is to listen for the excitement.   The finish line party.

Putting one foot in front of the other, one day after another, my mind goes into automatic.

“Ok, don’t get to excited.  Focus.  9 down.  1 to go.  9 down. 1 to go.  9 down.  I sure hope Captain Chameleon gets the water heater ordered.  And the new faucet-shower combo.  I really, really want to have a great shower this time.  Oops…mind wandering.  Focus…Wonder what other boaters are there?  OMG…less than 1 to go.”  And so goes my countdown to Seamore Pacific and cruising the Sea of Cortez.

Much like my marathon finishes, I am so ready for this finish.  So ready, that once I imagine how good it will be to step over the line, an autonomic nervous system response takes over, causing my chest to tighten, a lump to form in my throat,  and my eyes to fill with tears.  It’s not that I get soft and sentimental about the finish line, but rather I get excited to experience what is past the finish line.  What new things will I discover about cruising, the Sea, and myself?

These last couple of months have been a strange blur.  That’s the best description I can give it. I knew if I let myself image January 1st, that it would all be over.  My ability to stay focused on work would be in constant discord with wanting to be on the boat.  Plus, if I didn’t give my all at work, then when boat time came around, I’d be suffering with regret for not working harder.  So, to make life simple I have conducted my business as though I plan to work for another 50 years and haven’t the foggiest clue about any Freedom 36″ Cat-Ketch sitting at Marina Seca in San Carlos, Mexico.  The Sea of Cortez is where?  Salt water is for cooking pasta, right?  A life preserver is another name for a mint flavored life-saver, correct?

Tonight, the mental blur lifted like fog.  Anticipation, clarity of mind, and humble thanksgiving has set in and will take me to the finish.

She waits for us.

She waits for us.

Migration Pattern

Migration Pattern

Memories of B-dock

Memories of B-dock

Today’s Finish-Line Countdown:

1)  Order 13 inch by 13 inch water heater to replace the one that rusted out. The satisfaction that this small water heater  brings to us is a comical when we compare it to the size of the hot water heater in our Phoenix house.

2)  Order water conserving shower & faucet combo for the head (bathroom), to ensure I don’t rip through a tank of water taking a luxurious shower when we are somewhere south of somewhere.

3) Get Francis acquainted with his new life-preserver. 

Life Saver

4) Pack Ruby’s life-preserver in the “boat bin.”


5) Figure out the best place to secure our stand up paddle board (SUP).  Captain Chameleon is leery it will fit on deck but I say, “Oh Ye of little faith.  We can make it fit.  This is small potatoes compared to what we have navigated through to get this far.”  Last cruising season we were fighting weather the whole time.  This time I’m hoping for gentle winds and calm seas.


6)  Wait for our new Offshore inflatable life-preserver/ harnesses to arrive in the mail.  These are going to be way better than the ones we sailed with last year.  Safety plus comfort.  Thank you Black Friday and Mom and Dad.

7)  Finish my job feeling strong, competent, proud, and grateful.  I work for a loyal company that stays true to it’s mission.


8) Enjoy each day as though there is no Seamore Pacific.  Even without the boat, life is pretty darn good.


His and Her beach cruisers…. a must for desert dwellers.


Cloudy days still have beautiful sunsets.

9) Stock up with Trader Joe’s Two Buck Chuck.  Mexico actually has some delectable wines but the ports we will call on, mostly carry boxed wine…not bad.  But, our favorite cruising wine is Charles Shaw (aka Two Buck Chuck).  Ok, so my standards in wine are not as high as some of my other standards. 

Go easy on the Tequila

Go easy on the Tequila

10)  Wave good-bye to the dense fog that encased any glimmer of anticipation for leaving work to go sailing.  It was nice while it lasted.  I’m glad I experienced it.  But I’m ready to get back to the boat.  Memories from last year are starting to come alive and stir excitement for some of the simple things I’m looking forward to…swing at anchor in the middle of breath taking beauty; go topside after a hot shower to pick out rising constellations; and have my sleep interrupted by a clanging halyard.

Shrimper going out for the night

Shrimper going out for the night




Good night and sweet dreams.

Seamore Nautical Spirits


1 thought on “Life Preserver

  1. Sounds exciting and exhilarating! I am so looking forward to retiring and enjoying the freedom of doing with my time what I choose, getting close. Enjoyed your post happy and safe sailing!

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