No Running Back

beth4Once both feet are outside the door, it’s anybody’s guess as to if the short 3 mile run will free up my thoughts. To keep it simple and because it’s one less thing to have to make a choice about, I always leave my house, turn right and run to the end of the park.  When the park meets the road, I hop from the sidewalk to the asphalt pavement, twisting left, in one smooth Nike leap.  I am now heading south.  Once I reach Circle K, I pause, cross the street, and head home.  Maybe it’s the predictability of my running route, or maybe it’s because I grew up on a farm with two brothers who joined me in “make believe” in the alfalfa fields, but today’s 3 mile run took me back to the day I graduated from nursing school (25 years ago today), then to how much things in nursing have changed, over to Florence Nightingale, eventually to Pitbull, and finally…this is where it gets strange…imagining Pitbull singing about Florence’s accomplishments in the advancement of professional nursing and healthcare improvement.  Sure, I’m bias because I’m a fellow nurse, but Florence rocked it!




Florence drove change.  She saw the value of making rounds at night to check on her patients, to modifying the patient’s surroundings to promote healing, and to lead a reform for improving sanitary conditions.  She is a hero for saving lives and believed, heart and soul, in the vocation of nursing. Wikipedia Florence Nightingale

Today, it took only a mere 3 short miles to figure out that Pitbull and Florence are a complimentary match.  They understand each other.  The Queen of Nursing let herself imagine what would happened if nurses mixed art with science.  She termed it: The art and science of nursing.  It’s what fuels my passion for nursing. Pitbull on the other side of the century is what I love to dance to.  I appreciate his musical talent.  I smile that often times his vocals and influence are meant for back-up to the main artist, but in the end, without Pitbull it isn’t much of a song to dance to.  Wikipedia Pitbull

When I left the house for my typical 3 mile run, I wasn’t thinking of Flo or Pit, but rather how some nurses in healthcare are dismayed by ever constant change.  I’m challenged with that notion.  Why on earth would one remain in Healthcare and be reluctant over change.  At that crazy moment a new song started and I had my answer….”To understand the future we have to go back in time.”  Pitbull, strutting the lyrics were an easy leap for my highly imaginative mind….he might as well be singing about nursing, the fight against germs, saving patients, and the Lady with the gun…I mean lamp.

Music video by Pitbull performing Back in Time. (C) 2012

Wouldn’t you have made the same conclusion?



Pictures from the past:

Yardsale find

My Lamp


Old vice

Faded Icon


Wasted Caffeine Fein


The same yesterday, today…and hopefully tomorrow.

Found on Spring Break

Found this while walking on the beach


Pretty doesn’t mean perfect

No Shoes No Shirts on Spring Break

Leave your shoes at the beach, please.

Nurse Graduate 25 years ago

Nurse Graduate 25 years ago



4 thoughts on “No Running Back

  1. It is amazing how much has changed in 25 years for you or in the 50 years since I graduated. We were boiling glass medicine cups and sterilizing and reusing needles and glass syringes. Going from that to disposables and electronic medical charts has been quite a ride!

    • Agree Betsy! To think of how much time you spent boiling glass! When I was in school we were told to give our chair to any physician that came into the nurses station, bring them coffee to show respect. Certainly we all want to be friendly and respectful but fortunately we have other means of showing respect to our colleagues. Date: Tue, 20 May 2014 11:25:32 +0000 To:

  2. Well said. We have come a long way baby! The only thing constant is change. The process is to assess, reassess and modify, right?
    I feel your pain, Betsy w Emr.

    Congrats on your 25 yrs!

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