B Dock

“It’s a fracture.”

“It’s a sprain.”

“It’s a Barracuda!.”

Last week reminds me of watching the Underdog cartoon.  The show opens with a song that goes something like, “it’s a bird, it’s  plane, it’s Underdog!”   Excited and glued to our seats, my brothers and I waited for Underdog to sweep down and save Ms. Polly.  He always managed to save Ms. Polly, even when she brought about her own troubles.

A day or two after I started walking on the injured ankle (thinking it was only a sprain), I received an email from my doctor requesting that I come back in for another X-ray.  There was some uncertainty about the initial X-ray.  To make a long story short, the second X-ray reveals an incomplete fracture.  I’m back to crutches.  Serious about not messing up my future of running long distances, I’m not taking any chances.  I’m being a good patient and staying off my ankle.  Tied to the boat by an ace wrap splint is not how I had envisioned spending our final month aboard Seamore Pacific.

But, like Underdog, a fine group of super heroes from B-dock, have swooped down and saved Ms. Polly.  Realizing, I’m an amateur peg-leg pirate and unable to safely sail the boat onto Puerto Penasco, Captain Chameleon and I decided it best to berth Seamore Pacific in San Carlos.  San Carlos is a lovely place and if we can’t get the boat to Puerto Penasco, we can’t think of a better place to leave her.  Needing our vehicle to carry out Plan B San Carlos, Captain Chameleon left this morning on a bus for Phoenix.  After a bit of carousing and partying I’m sure he will eventually return for Ruby and I.   Joking of coarse….in all honesty he was torn between leaving peg-leg to fend for herself and getting our vehicle here.  He made the right choice, hopped on a bus, and is currently sitting at the border waiting for clearance with both Mexico and USA officials.  In the mean time, I’m perched on Seamore Pacific with new friends taking wonderful care of me.

Otter is taking Ruby for her walks; Kookamunga brought over a lunch and dinner; Rosebud said his VHF is on all of the time and to call if I need anything; Magic Carpet brought reading materials, exercise bands to keep my limbs strong,  and comfort food (delicious pastries); and Magellan came by for a well check (i.e make sure I hadn’t fallen down and in their words, “flailing on the floor like a Halibut.”).

This year we have learned that the cruising community takes care of one another.  This week, we learned just how special B-dock is.


Crowded spaces

2 thoughts on “Barracuda

  1. What an amazing community you have. I’m glad to know you’re safe and the Captain is nearly Stateside. He’ll swoop back in his red cape to save you in no time. Maybe you’ll save him…..a margarita!

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