A Stone’s Throw from the Sea

The last day of 2013.  Do I look back on the year (i.e. reflect)?  Do I solemnly promise something for 2014 (i.e make plans)?  For whatever reason, neither idea made it past morning coffee.  Instead, a walk to the far end of the marina parking lot to search for immaterial treasures.  Sitting quietly on a rock ledge that extends out from a mound of concrete rubble and brush, I gathered these New Year’s Eve contemplations…a stone’s throw from the sea.

pink hush

pink hush

who is down there?

two minute snooze



savor the flavor

savor the flavor





pass the pickles, please

pass the pickles, please

walk not fly

walk not fly

blue buy you

blue by me

broken and blue

polished to a pretty blue





Opposites Attract

rugged softness

Always one serious one in the bunch.

button up


5 thoughts on “A Stone’s Throw from the Sea

  1. Happy NewYear!
    Are you feeding the cats?
    May the next year bring you many unexpected blessings.:)
    All love, LuAnne

    • Well, I’m not the one doing daily food drop off. However, we are supporting the local organization that looks after these sweeties! The community does a great job at taking care of their community cats. Happy New Year LuAnn!

  2. Took just a minute to read and look at your post. I am glad I did, such things taken for granted, never given a second look. I was very impressed with this post, I am not sure yet why other than it really brought my spirit back to a place and time that was humanly basic. Not sure how to describe it, other than that. Hope you and Greg are really having a great time. “Life comes once and you have to grab it fast”. Happy New Year!

    • We all take things for granted, sometime or other. Human nature? It just happened to be one of those days that I woke up without an agenda and took my camera and sat still. The hospice nurse in me agrees with you completely…life comes once and you have to grab it fast. Enjoy your new year, you are doing some really neat things Steve!!

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