Looking for a Southwind


A picture paints a thousand words.   What story does this picture tell?

This is Portobello restaurant, where I go everyday for Wi fi, since my Banda Ancha doesn’t work in Puerto Escondido.  Today, I’m looking for a south wind.  We have been in Puerto Escondido 10 days, waiting for a weather window that allows us to sail northeast to San Carlos (or maybe even further to Puerto Penasco).  We may just have that window tomorrow or Wednesday.  Sail Flow and Passageweather are currently showing 3 days of West/Southerly winds at 5-10 k. in the middle of the Sea.

So what the picture doesn’t reveal is the ‘fun’ we have at getting to Portobello.  For starters, I’ve learned that I need ‘connection’ to the outside world on a daily basis.  This is a stark contrast to Captain Chameleon’s needs and thankfully, he obliges me.  On a scale of 1-10 (1 being a drop and 10 being a drench) we are certain to get a salt bath on our return ride from shore to the boat.  The wind has been blowing from the north and some days have not been fit for coming ashore. But, Captain Chameleon obliging my need for connection to the outside world, has always found enough gumption to get me safely to shore and back.  The last three days the dinghy ride home was a “10”…we were drenched with cold salty water by the time we tied up the dinghy and hoisted ourselves aboard Seamore Pacific.

It is invigorating and soothing, when that first large wave comes over the bow and drenches the hair, outer clothes, and eyes, to imagine how cozy Seamore Pacific’s cabin will feel.  The other day, I lost my shoe trying to get aboard.  Captain Chameleon to the rescue again!

I must bring this to a close because the sun has just set and I always worry about it being dark and the outboard engine stalling and trying to row to Seamore Pacific in the dark of night….drenched and cold.

If the South wind is willing, we will be sailing to San Carlos; a 28 hour voyage.  If the South wind is willing, seas are calm, and we have a “hankering” then we will just go for it….all the way to Puerto Penasco (a 3-4 day sail).

By the way, never believe every picture that you see.

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