Sailing away from old habits

DSC01016Sailing back in time…

I’ll forever remember Puerto Escondido as the place I made a daily visit to the Portobello Restaurant for a beer, an hour of internet, and to watch 80’s Music Videos.  As lovely as it is, the place and accommodations are sparse, unpredictable, and nothing close to what we expected.  Actually that is fine with us because we didn’t sign up for a tour but rather a Mexico sailing sabbatical; full of uncertainty and unexpected gifts.

Sometimes the slow pace feels romantic and sometimes it makes me want to climb the teak walls of Seamore Pacific.  I thought I was ready to unplug from the rat-race of life and then when it happened, I realized how out of shape I am for it. Then just as I’m ready to climb the wall and jump overboard, a voice comes over the VHF channel 16, announcing a whale sighting a few hundred yards over.  Or, we meet another couple doing the same thing we are…finding their cruising legs and letting go of habits that only work when one has a nine to five job.

Too cold to swim, we wait for a weather window to sail across the sea to San Carlos, as we visit Portobello each afternoon and meet new friends either on the same learning curve or teaching us newbies how to sit back and enjoy the 80’s Videos.


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