Road Trip to Todos Santos


DSC00837Captain Chameleon, Ruby, and I took a little road trip in our little rented car… to Todos Santos.  Honestly, two months ago I didn’t know anything about the little town, that Mexico Tourism promotes as “the magical oasis of the Pacific.”   But, on our third leg of sailing from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas, we were able to hug part of the coast and it was at Todos Santos that I was really struck with the beauty of land meeting the Pacific Ocean.  Tall cliffs, white sandy coves, and primitive adobe buildings speckled the landscape of our tiny floating world.  Wanting to know more, I pulled out some books and began to read bits and pieces about Todos Santos, as we sailed past her.  A couple of weeks later a friend encouraged a visit and so the notion took hold for the Captain, his dog, and I to venture by land to see the Pacific from a vantage point far different that the one we had prior. DSC00866 On her best behavior, the Pacific behaved in away that any tourism promoter would be proud!  Sparkling light blue, the ocean rushed in smoothly, crested, and then crashed ashore.  Walking up the large dune to find her, the roar of crashing waves was audible well before we actually took sight of them.  It was a piece of the puzzle that I needed.  After reading about the ocean, looking at pictures of the ocean, walking many beaches, crossing the ocean as a passenger in a cruise ship, and then to feel the greatness of the ocean in a 36 foot boat (day and night)…sometimes petrified and sometimes mesmerized…to stand on the shore of Todos Santos and look out at the horizon and see the exact point of where I had sailed a boat….well, it was like finding a piece of the jigsaw puzzle.


Captain Chameleon didn’t have the same metaphorical interpretation (ha- ha)  with Todos Santos as I did.  In fact, as we drove out of town he summarized his thoughts by saying, “I’m glad I didn’t spend a week’s vacation to come here.”

The Captain and his dog.

The Captain and his dog.


El Bano with a curtain instead of a door.

El Bano with a curtain instead of a door.

DSC00859Although Todos Santos isn’t one of our ‘have to return to” destinations, it served its purpose of being a fun place for road tripping.  To change gears- the weather models are calling for several favorable days of sailing.  If tomorrow’s report is no different, Seamore Pacific will pull up anchor and head towards Puerto Escondido, stopping over in popular but remote anchorages at night and if weather necessitates.

Until next time….because I’m still looking for a few more pieces to the puzzle.

S/V Seamore Pacific from La Paz.


2 thoughts on “Road Trip to Todos Santos

  1. Oh my gosh, that beach scene looks nothing like Todos Santos when I saw it fifteen years ago. The waves were HUGE back then. The biggest I’d ever seen. Happy sailing tomorrow, and I’m glad you found a puzzle piece.

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