A Walk on Blue Friday

DSC00810Black Friday.  I understand the ‘why’ behind the name but the words Black Friday is a bit prickly sounding , and especially this year being that we are far removed from any post-Thanksgiving shopping extravaganza.  Instead of Black Friday, today will go down in history as Azule Friday.  We woke to a beautiful day in La Paz and were hopeful that the 5 day forecast would be favorable for sailing to Isla Espiritu Santo.  Isla Espiritu Santo leads us to Puerto Escondido and it happens to be popular with whale sharks (they can grow up to 60 feet and live 80-100 years).  We would so much like to see a whale shark in it’s true habitat.  With the wind forecast of 15 by this afternoon, with 20-25 knots in the bay, we discussed alternative plans and remained steadfast at being mindful of all that we are thankful for, in spite of not getting our way with the weather.

If not a sail to Isla Espiritu Santo then how about a drive to Todos Santos on the western shore of Baja?  After tacos and a few minor errands (done on foot) we went in search for a rental car for tomorrow.  For $790 pesos we found one car…maybe.  So, whether we will get to visit Todos Santos tomorrow or not, just depends on if the car gets returned on time, no one else beats us back to the counter, and the sun-moon-and tides all align.  Life is still good. Ironically this morning, it came to me that we are three months into my LOA from work.  As much as I enjoy my work, I must say that I enjoy walking with Captain Chameleon.  Besides sailing and managing to remain safe and sound, we walk.  And walk.  And walk.  Returning to work in March means we have only three more months to walk.

Just as laughing and smiling leaves untradeable marks on body, mind, and spirit, so does walking.  Just ask Carmen.  I walked past her lovely boutique, and although I was not in the market to buy clothes, I was captivated by the romantic display of resort wear with a Bohemian flair. I ventured in and began to peruse; touching the fabrics, noting price tags, and taking in the alluring scent of new merchandise.  While I could certainly justify purchasing a dress of washable linen, I couldn’t quite make the leap to squeezing another clothing item on the boat.  So instead, I was content to enjoy the shopping  without purchasing experience.  But, Carmen had me figured out and was keen on how to make a sale.

“You live on a boat, don’t you?”

“Yes, I do.  It shows, huh?”

“Yes, your feet are haggard like someone who lives on a sailboat and walks everywhere.”    This part she didn’t really say.  But, she was thinking it, correct?  How else did she know I was living on a boat?  DSC00802

What happened after this, I barely recall because I couldn’t stop looking at my feet as we walked back to the boat.  Painted nails did little to mask the telltale sign that I was on a hiatus from work.  Happy to be on an adventure but not so happy about the pitiful state of my feet.  In need of a cure, but not open to a salon, I returned to Seamore Pacific with a concoction in mind.  What is that old saying… “needing something brings out the best in us”?  Anyway, to bring this long story to a close, I mixed up a batch of boutique style foot balm.  Olive Oil, Organic Sugar, and Tea Tree Oil.  I slathered it all over the footsies, enjoyed a glass of Chardonnay, and reminisced about the past with the song, I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles).  Yes, these feet have seen a lot of miles, and  thankfully, it has been alongside special friends, family, and Captain Chameleon.


Boutique Balm works!

I’m Gonna Be by the


What I’m thankful for this year, that I didn’t have a clue about last year:

  • A Global fix GPS Epirb (Emergency Position Indicator Radio Beacon) and the women/men who make getting rescued possible.
  • Microdyn solution that cleans our veggies.
  • A kettle to heat water for the sun shower when the sun is taking a day off.

EpirbStore bought Stuffing


2 thoughts on “A Walk on Blue Friday

  1. Hi Betheny!
    What pretty feet! Your homemade treatment must have felt amazing on a sunny, beautiful day. We all miss you and know tou we return. Enjoy the remainder of your trip and keep writing! It is such a pleasure to read your adventures.
    Lee Ann

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