Bungee tied to La Paz

Seamore Pacific off the Malecon

Seamore Pacific off the Malecon

We have been in La Paz one week.  Being a cruiser’s mecca, there are numerous reasons why we are enjoying and making good use of our stay.  However, in the last couple of days, I’ve gotten the itch to move on.  Captain Chameleon is also fine with pulling up the anchor and heading north, but he is more laidback about when we will get our affairs in order to cut the bungee cord.  We still need to top off the fuel tanks and replace some line on the Mainsheet traveler.  Both would take us less than two hours in the States but in Mexico we are without our familiar conveniences.  From where we are anchored the fuel dock is way, way down at the other end of the harbor and will require a dinghy ride with the Geri-jugs and a walk into town to the nearest Pemex, or a well thought out plan to take Seamore Pacific to the dock just when the tide and wind is conducive to smooth docking.   The current at slack tide runs about 2 knots, and then put a little wind and tide with it, and it makes getting in and out of the fuel dock a bit unpredictable.  Oh yes, and the price per gallon is much more expensive at the fuel dock.  Our friend purchased 10 gallons of diesel in Turtle Bay and it set him back $180.  Ouch.


What might be an inconvenience becomes an opportunity to increase our physical fitness and slow down on life.  Bucking full Geri-jugs mimics a gym workout and walking to the Mercado just before I cook meat for dinner burns off whatever calories the extra cheese is going to add.  We found a modern and well stocked super grocer this week.  Working from that part of the brain we use in the States, we stocked up on fresh items, including meat; only to have most of it spoil in two days.  Between a boat refrigerator powered by solar, a walk in the heat with fresh meat, and perhaps minus some preservatives, shopping has become almost a daily event for us.  But, we love it.  It is during these walks that we observe and discover fascinating things about the people around us and have rekindled our own casual chit chatting.  No real agenda, no deadline dates for bungee cutting, and no questions about “honey, what’s for dinner?”

Close up sailorWhat we did this week when not shopping at the mercado:

  • Hanging out with Phil and Jen from S/V Alula.  One night dinner on our boat and another night, dinner on their boat.
  • Attended mass at the Cathedral de Nuestro Senora de la Paz (built in 1861)
  • Wake in time to listen to the morning Cruiser’s Net on the VHF.  It’s bit like the old days of phone operators…
  • Attended a party hosted by the city’s tourism board.  Enjoyed watching traditional Mexican folk dancing.
  • Walked the entire length of the Malecon and treated ourselves to the best nachos we have ever had in our life at the Panga Restaurant at La Marina del Palmar.
  • Found a bench to sit and enjoy my chocolate ice cream cone from Thrifty.
  • Found a bench to sit in the shade and sip on a Pacifica with Captain Chameleon during one of our long walks.
  • Found a quaint café to enjoy a cup of coffee and waffle.
  • Met new people carving out the same lifestyle that we are.




Beach and palapa off malecon


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