Happy Ha-Ha lloween

DSC00024Twelve hours until push off time with the rest of the Baja Ha Ha gang.  It feels a bit like the night before running a hundred mile race, a bit like graduation, and a bit like a party.  Today’s crew and skippers’ party brought this year’s preparation to a close and put things back into perspective for Captain Chameleon.  Months ago when I thought about how this day might be, the focus was on the future.  What will we see, who will we meet, how will the weather be, and so on and so forth.  I did not expect to be saying “so long until we meet again” to so many wonderful people that we have connected with quickly.  From our dock neighbors, to the couple we met in the boatyard,and to people from across the dock, we are exchanging hugs, a beer or two, and many well wishes for peaceful travels.  Seamore Pacific and her crew are ready.

The weather forecast is for rain and wind on the nose throughout Monday.  Rumor is that Tuesday and Wednesday will be picture perfect days of sunshine and fair winds.  First stop is Turtle Bay.

Unsure about when we will have internet access again, so here’s a Happy Halloween, followed by wishes for peace and good times to you and yours.

S/V Seamore Pacific


8 thoughts on “Happy Ha-Ha lloween

  1. Have a safe and happy journey! Be safe know your family is excited for you! Janie Maxwell class of 1959 Carthage, Missouri

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