Smiled with the risin’ sun…

097_crop…from Three Little Birds by Bob Marley.

My runs these days are short on distance but long on scenery.  The usual is a comfortable pace from Bali Hai to Kona Kai, then a walk through the city dock marina (Police Docks) where boats are either clearing customs or hanging for a night or two, then over to the docked super yachts to view each’s name and hailing port, and finally a sprint home; passing a string of sprawling marinas.  It’s twenty-five minutes of nosing around the perimeter of Shelter Island that affords both a cardio-workout and a feeling of being part of the community.   Like the first crisp morning that signals Halloween is just around the corner, boats from as far north as Canada were arriving in San Diego Harbor this morning with their Ha-Ha flags flying! For a novice, it was exciting and spectacular.  I couldn’t wait to get home and tell Captain Chameleon. Super charged with ten days left to go or wanting to please me, by the time I’d finished my shower, Captain Chameleon had hoisted up our very own Ha-Ha issued flag.  Texas, here I come.

094Not everybody aboard Seamore Pacific is eager to be on a boat. Francis, our seven month old cat has taken to jumping ship.  He especially likes to get off the boat at night time making it very difficult to see him. Worried for his safety at sea, we have decided he will winter in Missouri with Maw and Pa.  It has been another lesson, as I have come to recognize that Francis is his own little being and not like the two content cats that I once had living on a boat in the Florida Keys.  I’m happy that Francis is making his wants known and that my parents are gracious enough to meet me in Texas for the quick exchange.  I’m really, really happy that it will give us a chance to hang out together for an evening.  Like Bob sings, “Don’t worry ’bout a thing, ‘Cause every little thing gonna be all right.”


If it wasn’t today’s morning run, or my upcoming Texas road trip, it has to be our Shelter Island Boatyard experience that also has me smiling.  The crew at Shelter Island Boatyard exceeded our expectations.  Last year when we were looking to purchase the boat, we used them to haul her for the out of water survey.  Pleased with their professional service we became repeat customers. Staying on a boat while it is in the yard is not everyone’s cup of tea.  But, we started each day working with cheerful, courteous, and professional yard employees and ended the day by ‘talking shop’ with another couple staying aboard their boat. If it wasn’t for having to climb down a ladder and walk a half a block to the ladies room in the wee hours of the night, I just might opt to stay there instead of doing the Baja Ha-Ha.  Ha ha.


Launch Time for Seamore Pacific.


Painting the bottom of Seamore Pacific’s keel


Preparing her for the sling.


Reggie driving the lift.  Wish this was a better picture of Reggie…

Before and after

Before and after



Saved from Seamore- our 44ft Thompson Trawler we lived aboard in Boot Key Harbor (Florida Keys).

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